Summer 2022 Course Information

We are offering three courses this summer. Del Siegle and Joe Renzulli will be teaching EPSY 5194 *10 (Seminar; you will need a permission number to register for it) and James Kaufman will be teaching EPSY 5750 *10 (Enhancing Creativity in the Classroom; you will not need a permission number to register for it) on campus from June 27 to July 8. Seminar (you will need a book) will be in the morning (8:15 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.) and Creativity (you will not need a book) will be in the afternoon (1:15 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.).  Catherine Little is teaching EPSY 5740 *10 (Strategies for Differentiating the Grade Level Curriculum) online from June 6 to July 22. Most Three Summers students need to enroll in EPSY 5194 and EPSY 5750. Whether you register for EPSY 5740 this summer depends on your situation. You should register in the StudentAdmin system for your summer classes with your NetID and password by June 6 for EPSY 5194 and EPSY 5750 and by April 25 for EPSY 5740 to avoid late fees.

You should plan to be on campus Sunday, June 26, 2022, afternoon and early evening for an orientation meeting. Some of you may be staying in the dorm for the two weeks of classes. We will be posting information about staying in the dorm late in April.

Confratute will again be online this summer. If you need Confratute for credit, you may want to register for Confratute and Confratute credit this summer. Information about Confratute credit is here. Whether you attend Confratute and take it for credit this summer depends on your situation. If you are registering for Confratute credit, you should register by June 1 to avoid late fees.

Two of the assignments for Seminar need to be completed BEFORE the summer class begins. One is Triad Trainer, which involves you conducting a short professional learning session. The second is reading of the “Conceptions of Giftedness” book and completing an analysis of 10 chapters. You will find the syllabus for seminar with detailed instructions at