Program Cost

GCT (formerly known as Three Summers)

Graduate Student (2020-21)

The total Cost of Attendance (COA) is based on summer 2020 and academic year 2020-21 fees.  It includes estimated direct educational costs based on part-time attendance two weeks for one summer and three weeks for one summer, plus additional semesters during the academic year(s). The COA also includes an estimate of indirect costs. These figures do not represent your actual fee bill but are estimates and are subject to change. Students are billed separately for each semester; therefore, the amounts below may change slightly.

Direct Costs Three Summers
Fees for 5 summer courses 13,590
Fees for 5 fall/spring courses (academic year 2020-21) 17,675
Subtotal Direct Costs 31,265
Estimated Indirect Costs Three Summers
Confratute conference registration (commuter with meals) 515
Transportation+ 1,150
On-Campus Housing Estimate# 1,540
Meal Estimate* 1,160
Books and Supplies 600
Subtotal Indirect Costs 4,975
Estimated Total Expenses 36,240

+Transportation expenses may vary.  #Shared 4-bedroom apartment for approximately 5 weeks. *Assuming one purchases an optional community meal plan for 4 weeks.

For information regarding current year costs for a full-time student, please visit the Bursar’s website.

Students in the part-time Three Summers program pay an estimated direct cost of $2718 for a 3-credit course during the summer. In addition to course fees, there will be other mandatory fees totaling ~$120, which include a non-refundable enrollment fee.  There may be an additional $60 fee for a 3-credit online course during the summer.  During the fall and spring semesters, the estimated direct cost for a 3-credit course is $3535.00.

Students in the Gifted Education and Talent Development Online Graduate Certificate pay a comprehensive fee of $825 per credit or $2475 for a 3-credit course. The cost of the 12-credit certificate program is $9900.