Frequently Asked Questions

Can I really start the program anytime?

You can start the program any semester. Our fall online course, EPSY 5710, is an ideal first course for students starting the program. Therefore, we recommend you start the program in the fall with EPSY 5710. However, you may begin the program at the start of any semester after you are accepted.

Why do former students call this the Three Summers Program?

Prior to 2020, students attended summer classes at the University of Connecticut across three summers. Recently, we found that many of our students came from our popular graduate certificate program and were able to complete the program in two summers. Therefore, we redesigned the program to fit into two summers. The Neag School of Education already had a Two Summers program in educational technology, so we could not select that name. We settled on GCT@UConn. We hope you like it.

How is the Master’s degree related to the Gifted Education and Talent Development online graduate certificate?

The four required online courses for the Gifted Education and Talent Development online graduate certificate are also required courses for the Master’s degree. Therefore, Master’s degree students should apply for the graduate certificate as well as the Master’s or Sixth Year.

What is the difference between the Sixth Year Certificate in Professional Education and the Master’s Degree?

The Sixth Year Certificate in Professional Education is unique to the University of Connecticut. It was designed for students who already had earned a Master’s Degree and were interested in furthering their education. Within our program, the requirements are similar for the Master’s and the Sixth Year Certificate. However, because the Sixth Year Certificate in Professional Education is technically not a degree, credits earned toward a Sixth Year Certificate can be applied toward a degree, such as a Ph.D., if students pursued that route.

How do I pay for the program?

Graduate assistantship support in the Giftedness, Creativity, and Talent Development Program generally is reserved to support Ph.D. students.¬†However, you may qualify for financial aid or student loans. Fortunately, students pay for each class as they enroll, so you can pay for the classes as you take them. An advantage of the program is that students in the our Master’s program pay fees similar to in-state students, rather than out-of-state tuition. The course fees for campus summer courses and the course fees during fall and spring semesters when taking online courses as part of the certificate option differ. We have an estimate of the total program cost.

Do I write a thesis for the Master’s degree?

No, students in the program complete 30 credits of coursework and pass two comprehensive exams (Plan B). We do not offer a thesis option (Plan A). The program is designed to improve students’ understanding of giftedness and how to develop it. Therefore, this is the focus of the courses. Student do complete EPSY 5601, which enables them to read and understand educational research; however, the course is not sufficient to develop the research skills necessary to complete a research thesis.